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Effective Immediately-COVID -19 Update:

Due to the closure of many test sites and the ongoing health concerns regarding COVID-19, there has been a disruption in entry-level testing. As this difficult and unprecedented situation improves, test sites will begin to consider resuming testing, with proper social distancing and cleaning protocols in place. Candidates desiring to test should check the website for upcoming tests at the various test sites, as their availability is expected to increase over time. Please understand that Empco does not have any control over whether a specific test site should open for testing. Candidates must follow the safety and health protocols for the state and county they are testing in, as well as those in place at the specific test site. Candidates will be turned away if they do not follow these protocols.

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Empco, Inc. is a Michigan based company specializing in testing services for public safety and municipal government agencies. Empco has a strong customer base in the State of Michigan and is rapidly increasing the number of customers it serves outside of Michigan.

We offer a variety of entry level and promotional examination services for positions in the public services. These services include written exams, oral interviews and assessment centers. Empco can provide standardized, nationally validated selection materials or can develop an entry level or promotional selection process specifically designed for your agency. Our selection processes are reliable, validated and fair.