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Written Exams for Law Enforcement and Fire Services

Once we have determined the job-related issues to be tested, we will recommend a list of textbooks to be used for the examination. Once the final list of texts is determined, we will prepare a bibliography to be given to all test takers. The bibliography will include the title, author, edition, publisher and publisher's address. With several publishers of law enforcement and fire service books, we have arranged for test takers to order through our web site directly from the publisher at a discounted price not available elsewhere. For Sample Bibliography click here.

Study Period
Departmental policy will determine the length of the study period allowed after the bibliography is published. The test time and date are announced with the publication of the bibliography by the department. Thirty or sixty days are the most common study periods allowed.

Job Analysis
We begin by developing a job analysis, or a transportability study, of the position/rank to be tested. The analysis is based on the knowledge required to complete the duties and responsibilities of the position.

All Paper/Pencil tests are scored using a Scantron computer. The Internet software scores Internet tests. Scores are based on 100 percent. Raw scores are provided.

Item Analysis
Empco conducts an item analysis while scoring every test. The item analysis allows Empco to determine areas that candidates performed better on and those areas where candidates may need to work on.

Empco automatically reviews any item that shows a large percentage of the candidates answered the question incorrectly. Empco ensures that these questions are keyed correctly and are free of any problems or bias. If the item is found to be problematic, Empco will give all candidates credit for a correct answer.

Departmental policy will dictate the procedure for a challenge to a question. However, in the absence of internal policies, or arrangements prior to the examination, Empco allows a challenge during the 2 business days after a test has been completed. If a candidate decides to challenge a question(s) because he/she believes that the question or answers are bad, vague or incorrect, the candidate should contact the department's examination coordinator. The coordinator will contact Empco. The test taker will be asked to complete a Challenge Form. The question, answer and distracters (wrong answers) will be reviewed in light of the challenge. If Empco's subject matter experts (SMEs) uphold the protest, all candidates will be given credit for a correct answer to the question(s), and the entire examination will be re-scored.

Empco generally reserves review sessions for custom exams. However, we do realize that some contracts and policies require a review of the test for candidates. In these circumstances, Empco will allow a review session for an additional fee. Arrangements for a review session must be arranged prior to the day that the exam is administered and must be done using strict exam security measures.
Candidate reviews may be conducted for any custom exam within 14 days of the results being posted. We recommend a review that includes the questions, answers, source material reference and the actual source texts. This review should be conducted at a time consistent with departmental policies, and with due consideration the announcement of scores before other phases of the promotion cycle (i.e., oral board, assessment center, etc.) are completed.

Test Properties
Empco's tests are job-related, reliable and valid. Empco also conducts regular analyses to ensure that the exams do not have any adverse impact.

Specific reports on our off-the shelf tests are available upon request.


Exam Format

Paper/Pencil Examination
The department must provide a proctored testing site. The site must meet minimal testing standards for light, heat, privacy, noise, etc. of a normal testing facility. One departmental proctor is required for each group of 35 test takers. The examination will be sent to a specified person in the department by the most secure means possible: e-mail, FedEx, USPS or personal delivery. The number of copies needed may dictate the method of transport. Tight security must be maintained.

If the department requests Empco to proctor the examination, the costs of proctoring will be added to the invoice.

Scantron answer sheets will be included in the package.

Two hours are allowed for a 100-question test.

Internet Examination
Every examination can be delivered over the Internet. In this event, the department must provide a proctored computer site with access to the Internet. Scoring is immediately e-mailed to Empco as the candidate completes the examination. The candidate can also be notified of their score and correct/incorrect answers immediately if desired by the department. In any event, we will notify the department of final scores within one business day of the last candidate's completion.

Empco's fees are competitive. Naturally, fees are higher for a customized examination than for a tailored or off-the-shelf examination. Please call, e-mail or fax us for a formal proposal.